Vintage Bronze Hamsa With Exqusite Floral Engraving - Lucky Hand & Symbol of Good Luck. Ht 40 cm x W 30 cm

Craft so beautiful - We just had to frame it !

This handcasted "Hamsa " in bronze with a gold and dark patina mounted on ivory raw silk in a natural brown frame is the Lucky hand and the symbol of good luck 

Originating around a 1000 years ago in the Far East and to India, The Hand represents the protective Hand of God and hence is also known as the Hand of Mariam and is believed to provide positive energy, happiness, riches and health to anyone displaying it besides bringing the owner luck, love and protection from evil.

Measures: Frame: Height 40 cm x Width 30 cm
The bronze Hamsa measures: Height 19 cm x Wide 15 cm x Depth 3 cm

Weight: 1.250 kilograms.