Kantha Hand Block Printed Cotton Kingsize Bedspread With Green Floral Print - L 270 cm x W 220 cm

Beautiful Double / Kingsize Cotton Throw / bedspread with a forest green and white floral  print handcrafted by artisans from Rajasthan.

The bedspread is Hand Block Printed fabric by tribal women using traditional methods creating the most beautiful patterns and designs depicting their natural habitat with vibrant earthy colours of forest green and white floral prints as seen in this bedspread.

The art of hand block printing is still very much prevalent in the textile town of Sanganer for more than 200 years with the use of alizarin, indigo, and a range of vegetable colors. The beautiful colours comes from local plants which are soaked to extract the vibrant dye.

The hand dyed 100% cotton fabric is stitched by hand with a running stitch called Kantha stitch, a style of embroidery famous in West Bengal and in northern India especially Rajasthan.

Measures: Length 270 cm x Width 220 cm 

Washing Instructions : Dry Clean or Cold Wash . Use a low heat steam iron for ironing if required.