Mehndi Green Hand Embroidered Pure Wool Scarf | Stole With Mirror work From Kutch - 6.5 ft x 2 ft

Handwoven woollen stole is crafted from 100% pure wool in Bhujodi Village in Kutch, India.

Crafted in a rich shade of Mehndi green, handmade beige, yellow and green tassels finish the hem with small mirrors embroidered close to the bottom of the stole making it look very elegant.

After being woven on a hand loom, the stole is intricately embroidered by tribal Rabari or nomadic women using a traditional stitch involving mirror and threads.

 Size: 6.5 ft x 2 ft

Sourced responsibly and directly from the Vankars or weavers of Bhujodi Village, this product is part of a heritage of weaving where nomadic tribes weave colorful threads on the loom to make shawls and blankets for their community.

Washing Instructions: Dry Clean Only. Do not add chlorine or bleach. Do not use hot iron.