Vintage Brass Storage Canister With Screw On Lid and Handle - Height 32 cm x Dia 17 cm

Vintage brass storage container/ Canister with a screw on lid and handle hand crafted by  skilled artisans from Northern India.

These traditional brass containers were originally used to store milk, liquids or dry groceries in the olden days keeping them airtight and dry and could be found in every home in every size depending on the number of family members. 

Handed down from generation to generation, these containers last a life time and can also be just used as a decor item.

Cannister size:

Height - 32 cm 
Diameter 17 cm with a lid dia of 10 cm 
Weight 1.95 kilograms 

Cleaning instructions: To maintain the vintage finish of this item, please rub using a dry cloth. Do not use bleach or any cleaning liquids or powders unless meant for polishing of brass.