Brass Chowki | Stool With Ghungroos Supported by 3 Elephant Head Legs - Dia 22 cm x Height 16 cm

This is an exquisite brass elephant Chowki | Stool from the South of india hand engraved with floral motifs and design with small brass bells known as ghungroos around the rim. The chowki stands on 3 legs in the shape and form of beautifully crafted elephant heads with ears , tusks and elephant feet.

Found mostly in royal households and affluent Hindu homes, such chowkis were used as a base for keeping statues of Gods on either side of the main doorway or in the prayer or puja room of the house.

Can also be used as a base for urlis or as a home decor item.

Measures: Height 16 cm x Diameter 22 cm
Weight of Chowki: 3.5 kilograms

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