Hand Crafted Brass Vessel | Lota Engraved With Elephants & Lions - Height 17 cm & Circumference 60 cm

This rare brass Lota | drinking vessel with a dark patina finish is a magnificent example of craftsman of Indian artisans with depicting lions, elephants and baby elephants including century old inscriptions all engraved by hand.

Ancient Indian wisdom of storing water in brass vessels was meant for healthy living and Indians drank their water from brass pots till the beginning of 20th century using brass as a medium of storing and drinking water.

The wonderful art of brass casting of these vessels by hand in different shapes and sizes was unique with perfectly balanced shape and proportion.

The diameter of the bottom end and the mouth end is normally almost same with a bulging belly that beautifully tapers to a neck and finally opens up to a mouth with a rim. The design has soft flowing curves with the fine smooth finish and engravings with a dark patina finish.

Size: Height 17 cm x Circumference of 60 cm / Dia of the mouth of vessel is 11.5 cm 

Weight: 1.6 kilograms

Care: Please do not use any chemicals or harsh powders to retain its antique nature. Use a dry or slightly moist cloth or a little mustard oil to preserve the finish.

Shipping: We use India International speed post with tracking which normally takes 10 to 12 days for delivery.