Handcrafted Pair of Tribal Mermaid Brass Door Handles - L 24cm x W 5cm x H 6cm

Handcrafted by artisans in Odisha, India, this pair of Vintage Brass Mermaid design door handles are casted in the style of tribal women with folded hands - "Namaste" - The traditional Indian way of saying welcome.

Made from solid brass , the door handles are crafted by skilled artisans displaying the tribal craft and culture of Odhisa with their intricate detailing of style, design and imagination.

These handles can easily be screwed onto any material made of wood or metal with 4 nails or screws in the holes shown at the top and bottom of the handle.

Size: Length 24 cm x Width 5 cm x Height 6 cm

Weight : 400 grams each . Total of 800 grams for the pair.

Care: Simple use a moist cloth to wipe . Do not use any harsh chemicals.