Vintage Brass Incense Stick Burner With Conche Shell & A Lotus Design - Dia 13 cm x Ht 8 cm

This is an exquisite brass incense stick holder beautifully engraved with intricate motifs and a conche shell with the OM sign atop a 13 cm dia lotus flower handcrafted by artisans from South India. 

The incense stick holder rests on a three curved legs and is surrounded by open lotus flowers petals. The Shank or the conche shell has 4 holes for the incense stick and a round depression in the middle for the "Dhoop"or the incense cone. 

Perfect to light daily and during prayers to spread the fragrance of the flavored incense all around your room or puja room. 

Measurements: Diameter 13 cm x Height 8 cm .

Weight : 650 grams.