Handcrafted Tibetan Brass Incense Burner With A Curved Handle - L 25 cm x W10 cm x H 20 cm

This is a majestic Incense holder hand casted in solid brass by Tibetan artisans with a stand and a beautifully crafted handle.

This extra large sized incense burner is a masterpiece with intricate designs one can see on the round lid including the brass stand and curved handle that displays the skill and handiwork of the artisans.

Used by Buddhist monks in the Tibetan Monasteries to light incense, these holders or burners can be used to light candles, incense or just as a decorative piece. 

Measurements in inches :  Length 10 inches x width 4 inches x Height 8 inches

Measurements in cm : L - 25 cm x W- 10 cm x H - 20 cm  

Weight : 1.60 kilograms