Handcrafted Brass Incense Burner With A Handle & Peacock - Length 19 cm x Height 15 cm

This is an exquisitely designed vintage Incense holder made from excellent quality brass metal handcrafted by Indian artisans with a Tibetan Design complete with a handle and a beautifully engraved peacock.

This round incense burner is handcrafted with intricate designs one can see on the round lid including the brass stand and curved handle that displays the beautiful handiwork of the artisans with fine engravings on the peacock.

Used by Buddhist monks in the Tibetan Monasteries to light incense, by priests in Hindu temples or at home by the head of the family,  these holders or burners are used to light candles, incense or just as a decorative piece to spread positive vibes and pleasant aromas of the incense where ever it is lit. 

Measures :  Length 19 cm x Height 15 cm | Diameter of round incense holder 9 cm

Weight : 950 grams