Heritage Brass "Kindi" Pitcher For Holy Water With Camel Head Spout From South India - Ht 14 cm x Cir 45 cm

From our Heritage Collection - This "Kindi" as is popularly known, is a pitcher or vessel usually found in old houses in Kerala, South India. Handcrafted in brass by skilled artisans using the Lost wax method of metal casting, the unique shape of the spout with a camel head and ancient inscriptions on the vessel makes this Kindi most unique and rare. 

Early examples of Kindi first appear in the culture of South Asia, notably in Salvalda or Jorwe culture seen in well preserved pottery dating to 2nd millennium BC.

Usually made of Bell metal, it is commonly used during prayers / puja to dispense Holy water and at times also used to keep water at the entrance of the house, so that visitors can wash their feet with this water, and also to wash hands after meals.

The shape of Kindi is very effective to minimize water loss while washing feet or hands, as it has only a small aperture to pour water. While using Kindi, the hands of the user never touch the water inside the pot ensuring the water never gets contaminated.


Height 12 cm x Diameter at mouth 10 cm | Diameter of bottom of pot 9 cm | Circumference 45 cm 

Weight : 1050 grams