Traditional Brass Oil Pot With A Spout From South India - L 16 cm x Ht 16 cm

From our Vintage Collection - This oil pourer | pot or vessel is traditionally found in old Kerala homes in South India.

Handcrafted in brass by skilled artisans using the Lost wax method of metal casting, the unique shape of the spout with fine engravings on the lid and names of gods inscribed on the side of the vessel makes this most unique and rare. 

Early examples of such pots first appear in the culture of South Asia, notably in Salvalda or Jorwe culture seen in well preserved pottery dating to 2nd millennium BC.

Usually made of Bell metal, it is commonly used during prayers / puja to dispense oil for lighting prayer lamps, during havans or Puja and considered to be most auspicious.


Lenght 16 cm x Height 16 cm x Diameter at mouth and bottom of the vessel 7 cm | Circumference at the middle is 38 cm 

Weight : 1.150 kilograms