Vintage Brass Lota. Traditional Drinking Water Vessel Of Height 14 cm x Circumference 40 cm

Brass lotas were used in India to store and serve water. Water was tipped from the mouth of the vessel into the mouth and also used to pour water over the hands and feet to cleanse.

This brass Lota handcrafted by artisans from the South of India brass has a beautiful, sculptural form with fine and delicate engravings all across the vessel, engraved as per the experience and the skill of the artisan with diamonds, floral and traditional motifs and designs.

The traditional Indian wisdom of storing water in brass vessels was meant for healthy living and Indians drank their water from brass pots till the beginning of 20th century using brass as a medium of storing and drinking water.

This fine example is of a form typical of the eighteenth century. Its surface is smooth and unembellished. It is a superb, handcrafted heritage item.

Size: Height 14 cm x  Dia of mouth 9 cm and a circumference of 40 cm .

Weight: .850 kilograms