Magnificent Brass Garuda Oil Lamp - Thooku Vilakku" From South India . Length 85 cm x Diameter 14 cm

This is a magnicent and rare brass oil lamp or Vilakku lamp of Garuda - King of Brids and Lord Vishnu's trusted vehicle enabling him to travel the many different realms. handcrafted by artisans of Tamil Nadu, South India.

In this beautifully crafted lamp, Garuda is seen with his hands clasped together in the Namaste position of greeting and respect directed at his Lord Vishnu with his wings spread wide and outstretched flanked by his followers and protected by the beautifully crafted Naag.

This Vintage  80 cm long hanging Garuda Lamp or Thooku Vilakku as is traditionally known has been used for decades to worship the Gods and claimed to be one of the several ancestral lamps of the royal families from Kerala and has been crafted using the  Lost wax process of metal casting as per century old practises by the most skilled artisans with an amazing rich patina and hangs on a 67 cm long thick brass link chain 

This reverence for the Lamp is based on the symbolism of one's journey from darkness and ignorance into light and knowledge of the ultimate reality – 'Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya!.

The lamp Measures:  

Length of the lamp with chain is 80 cm with diameter of 16 cm at the base.

The chain measures 57 cm. The garuda measures 13 cm. 

Weight : 1.95 kilograms