Vintage 5 Tier Oil & Wick Peacock Lamp With 35 Gooves From South India - Height 40 cm

From our Vintage Collection - Magnificent 5 tier Oil and wick lamp handcrafted in brass by skilled Indian artisans from the South of India. 

Standing 40 cm tall and spread over 5 levels starting with 5 grooves in the top layer and progressing downwards, this exquisite lamp has a total of 35 grooves to light the  wicks dipped in oil. The hand engraved peacock signifies beauty and grace to this majestic oil lamp.

As a tradition, such lamps are lit daily in the evening by the head of the family when the sun sets to dispel away darkness and negativity in life and considered auspicious for bringing joy and happiness to all. 


Measures: Height 40 cm. Dia of the base is 10 cm and the topmost disc 6 cm.  

Weight: 950 grams 

Note: This magnificent Aarti can be dismantled as each level is inserted into a central rod. To dismantle, please take out the peacock by turning it anticlockwise and each level can be removed one by one.