Vintage 5 Tier Brass Gange Maha Arti Prayer Lamp With 52 Diyas | Oil Lamps - Height 47 cm x Length 39 cm

From our Vintage Collection - Magnificent Maha Arti or Prayer lamp handcrafted by skilled artisans in brass in a dark patina finish with 51 diyas or lamps plus one large cup diya at the top, spread over 5 levels resting on a tall central pillar and 2 round pedestals beautifully engraved with peacock feather design and a long curved handle to hold the lamp.

Each tier disc with the diyas is engraved with floral motifs providing beauty and grace to this majestic and rare hand held prayer lamp.

Varanasi is a sacred and oldest city of the world located at the banks of the holy River Ganges where this magnificent event known as the Gange Aarti is performed daily in the evening by a group of priests at the Dashashwamedh ghat  accompanied with the mantra chant in the presence of a huge crowd.

Through the aarti, Agni Pooja is performed in which a commitment is made to the Lord Shiva, Mata Gange, Surya, Agni (Fire) as well as the whole universe made by the Lord Shiva. 

Measures: Height 47 cm x Length 39 cm  

Total number of diyas in all 5 tiers are 51 plus one large one at the top. 

Diameter of each disc starting from top to bottom is 7.5 cm | 14 cm | 16 cm | 18 cm and 21 cm respectively. 

Weight: 3.35 kilograms 

Note: The discs can be taken out one by one by removing the topmost lamp and then removing the short cylinders between each disc.