Vintage Brass Kindi - Traditional Vessel with Spout For Storing Water From South India - L 23 cm x Ht 16cm

From our Vintage Collection - Known as a VellaKindi or a Chambu this brass pot / Lota  is made from bell metal with a long spout and is a traditional storing and drinking vessel from Kerala, South of India. 

The Kindi filled with water kept at the entrance of the house was a common practice in traditional south Indian families for guests to wash their feet or hands, for drinking water and also with holy water for various Pooja rituals. 

This Kindi has a wonderful shape with a bottom rim for support, a large belly to hold water, a smooth tapered narrower neck and a wide mouth to fill the water. There is a concave curved spout attached to the belly. The wide mouth has a sloping grip ring which is designed to carry the Kindi with the five fingers. 

The shape is very effective to minimize water loss while washing feet or hands, as it has only a small aperture to pour water. While using Kindi, the hands of the user never touch the water inside the pot ensuring the water never gets contaminated.

Measures: Length 23 cm with the spout x Height 16 cm x 9 cm diameter at the mouth and 11 cm at the bottom.

Weight: 1.050 kilograms