Heritage Hanging Peacock Oil Lamp " Thooku Vilakku " With OM Symbol From Kerala - L 87 cm x Circum 35 cm

From our Heritage collection - This is a rare Vintage hanging Lamp with a handcrafted symbol of OM used for decades to worship the Goddesses and claimed to be one from the several ancestral lamps of a family from Kerala. 

Called a Thooku-Vilakku - "Hanging oil Lamp", the lamp with the symbol of OM or Aum has been crafted with an amazing finish and hangs on a thick brass link chain with a hook and a large dome or ball shaped container for the oil which keeps the diya burning for long periods of time when lit. 

Om is all encompassing, the essence of ultimate reality, and unifies everything in the universe. The meaning of the Om symbol, while purely looking at its visual form, comes from the states of consciousness that Aum represents. The letter 'A' represents the waking state, 'U' represents the dream state and 'M' is the unconscious state, or state of deep sleep.  

Always an integral part of the prayer room, the presence of these lamps was an important aspect of ritual worship offered to a deity and is based on the symbolism of the journey from darkness and ignorance into light and the knowledge of the ultimate reality – 'Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya!.

Measures : Length 87 cm with chain. Chain measures 60 cm. 

The circumference of the lamp measures 35 cm. 

Weight : 1.25 kilograms. 
Note: Open the oil container by turning the diya anitclock wise just at the ring above the diya to pour in the oil.