Heart Shape Dhokra Style Jewellery Box Handcrafted From Bell Metal - L 21 cm x W15 cm x H16 cm

From our Heritage Collection - This Majestic Jewellery box is hand crafted from bell metal with a brass and bronze finish and the most delicate intricate workmanship with exquisite Dhokra style craftsmanship on the cover and sides.

This 3 tiered masterpiece displays the Royal Seal of peacocks and sun motif on the sides. 

Somewhere near the edge of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, in Tikamgarh, bell metal casting has been practiced for about three to four centuries. From canons and war weapons for kings and soldiers, to bullock carts and cattle bells for the farmer, to even real gold temple decorations, metal smiths here crafted almost every object of need and desire.

The process of casting used in Tikamgarh is similar to the Dhokra casting in Betul, as both the crafts take shape with Lost wax casting, a common process used to cast objects in metals. But while the Dhokra of Betul is created with strings of wax on individual pieces, in Tikamgarh, the metal pieces are sculpted in the usual way and moulds are created to replicate the objects.

Handcrafted by the finest artisans in this small town of Tikamgarh, this is a beautiful example of Indian craftsmanship to gift to a loved one or to own. 

Size when lid is closed : Length 21 cm  when closed and 40 cm when open

Width 15 cm x Height 16 cm 

Weight: 2.20 Kilograms 

Care: Please use a dry soft cloth to keep the item clean and maintain its uniqueness. Avoid use of chemicals.