Kantha Indigo Blue Cotton Bedspread With Ajrak Block Print From Rajasthan Size 270 cm X 220 cm

Beautiful cotton Kantha Throw / bedspread with patchwork handcrafted by artisans from Rajasthan showcasing their fine craftsmanship made elegant with the Ajrakh Hand Block Print on cotton using traditional methods with vegetable, plant dyes to create the most beautiful patterns and vibrant earthy colours in the various shades of Indigo blue.

The different patterns of the hand block printed fabric are then painstakingly patched together to finish this piece of art. 

The dyeing process undergoes multiple stages taking several weeks to complete the process and is most unique since a fusion of three different art works: Kantha , Ajrakh Block Printing and Patchwork.

Ajrak , a name derived from Azarak which means "Blue" in Arabic and Persian, is Hand Block printed fabric distinguished by its intricate geometric, floral and paisley patterns coloured with eco friendly vegetable and plant dyes.

This ethnic bedspread is reversible and is hand crafted from 100% cotton, guaranteed to brighten up any room with its elegant and exquisite design seen throughout the bedspread.

Measures: Length 270 cm x Width 220 cm 

Weight : 1.45 kilograms 

Washing Instructions : Dry Clean or Cold Wash . Use a low heat steam iron for ironing if required.