Vintage Traditional Brass Drinking Water Vessel With Spout. Ht 21 cm x Length 18 cm x Dia 10.5 cm

From our Vintage Collection - This brass vessel or Kindi as is traditionally known is always with a long spout and is a rare brass drinking vessel handcrafted by skilled artisans from the South of India with a rich brown patina.

The traditional Indian wisdom of storing water in brass vessels was meant for healthy living and Indians drank their water from brass pots till the beginning of 20th century using brass as a medium of storing and drinking water.

The wonderful art of brass casting of these vessels by hand in different shapes and sizes was unique with perfectly balanced shape and proportion with a satin smooth finish.

Nowadays, such collectors items are used as a vintage vase or just as a conversation starter.


Length 18 cm with the spout x Height 21 cm x Diameter at the mouth 10.5 cm with an opening of 7.5 cm

The circumference of the pot is 51 cm. 

Weight: 1.60 kilograms