Lord Krishna's Dance Of Victory Over Rouge Serpent Kaliya The Yamuna River - Ht 32 cm x W 18 cm X D 8 cm

This is a beautiful brass sculpture hand engraved in great detail depicting Lord Krishna in his dance of Victory Krishna over the serpent Kaliya  who had come to terrorise and reside in the waters of the river Yamuna with his 100 wives.

As per hindu mythology, Kaliya was a terror to the residents and cattle of Vrindavan, a village on the banks of Yamuna in North India, a time when Lord Vishnu had incarnated on earth as Krishna and was residing in Vrindavan as the child of Yashoda and Nanda.

Once, while playing with friends Krishna jumped in Yamuna on a pretext but really for the purpose of ridding Yamuna’s waters of Kaliya.

Kaliya was enraged at Krishna’s daring and attacked him with full force but Krishna  subdued Kaliya and compelled him to rise to the surface of Yamuna. When Kaliya was unable to crush Krishna with the grip of his coils, he attempted to bite him but instead each time Krishna would mount and dance on it hurting Kaliya with his dance-steps, hence called Kaliya Nartana of Krishna.

Finally when Kaliya understood that he could not bear this anymore and realized that Krishna was none other than the supreme Vishnu, he and his wives who rose up as seen in the sculpture humbly begged for forgiveness. Krishna forgave him on the condition that he would leave Yamuna and reside in the ocean.

Measures: Height 32 cm x Width 18 cm x Depth 8 cm. 

The rectangular base measures 18 cm x 8 cm 

Weight: 6.0 Kilograms