Exquiste Brass Singhasan | Throne Crafted With 6 Peacocks. H 30 cm x W 24 cm x D 18.5 cm

Exquisite brass Throne or Singhasan For The Gods with filigree work and 6 peacocks handcrafted  by artisans from Benaras - an 11th century B.C city regarded as the spiritual capital of India and draws millions of Hindu pilgrims who bathe in the Ganges River’s sacred waters.

The singhasan with its intricate workmanship displays 6 graceful peacocks is inspired by the Mughal era and the temple architecture of the city of Varanasi.

Traditionally  found in most prayer rooms / temples of Indian homes with gods and goddesses seated on them adorned with freshly picked flowers during daily prayers by the head of the family.

Measures: Height 30 cm x Width 24cm x Depth 18.5 cm.
The rectangular base of the throne availble to keep and idol measures:

Length 21 cm x Width 15 cm with the backdrop measuring 20 cm.  

Weight : 2.100 Kilograms 

Note: The idol shown is not included in the price of the singhasan.