Vintage Brass Sculpture of Lord Shiva As Dancing Natraja - Destroyer of Evil. Ht 24 cm x W 14 cm

Majestic sculpture of Shiva - The King of Dance.

Standing 24 cm tall, this exquisite dancing statue of Nataraja or Shiva is seen dancing on an Apasmara - The dwarf.

Beautifully handcrafted in fine detail from excellent quality brass by artisans from South India, this avatar of Shiva as per Hindu Mythology is believed to be the destroyer of all evils and is shown in the form of the divine dancer.

Shiva signifies putting an end to an exhausted world, showing the creation of a new world by the Lord Brahma, first god responsible for the creation of the universe and is always depicted with his four hands.

Beneath Shiva's foot is a dwarf called Apasmara that represents ignorance in the world. By Shiva dancing on the dwarf he is symbolically squashing ignorance. A unique design of dancing Shiva!

Measures: Height 24 cm x Width 14 cm | The rectangular base measures: 9 cm x 5.5 cm

Weight: 1.75 kilograms