Magnificent Brass Sculpture of Lord Shiva As The Lord Of Dance. Ht 30 cm x W 17 cm

This is a magnificent 30 cm tall brass sculpture of Lord Shiva in a dancing posture depicting the third god of Hindus hand crafted from excellent quality brass in a copper and gold patina by artisans from the South of India.

In this very rare representation, Lord Shiva can be seen in an unusual dance posture which captures the grace and sinuous strength of the deity along with the  serene face that complements the simple rounded contours of the body.

In the upraised hands are the drum, indicating the creation, and a flame, which stands for the destruction of worlds. The right hand touching the raised foot is a reminder of indestructibility of Being which, like the foot suspended in air, is all-encompassing and non-dependent. The left hand shows the “no fear” gesture  making this sculpture one of vitality, dignity and movement.

Height with pedestal : 30 cm x Width 17 cm 

The oval pedestal measures 13 cm x 10 cm   
Weight: 3.30 Kilograms