Heritage Peacock Brass Kum Kum " Chopra" with 4 compartments - L14 cm x W14 cm x H14 cm

Fit for a Queen - Majestic vintage "Kum Kum" box handcrafted by artisans from the South of India, also called a Chopra with 4 compartments which are locked in the center by a gorgeous central peacock. 

Crafted from excellent quality brass mixed qqirhcopper, such hand made ornate kum kum boxes were used by ladies of royalty for storing make up and other fashionable items such as eyeliners, vermilion or sindhoor ( The red pigment used by married Indian women ) and "Bindis" - large colourful dots of cloth for their forehead.

This is a collectors item decorated with an intricate peacock and its 4 compartments open only by unscrewing the central peacock. A great conversation starter, this unique vintage piece will enhance any space in your home.

Height:14 cm x Width 14 cm x Length 14 cm  when close

Care: To maintain the vintage finish of this item, please clean using a dry cloth. Do not use bleach or any chemicals for cleaning.