Meenakshi - Avatar of Hindu Goddess Parvati - 32 cm Tall Brass Sculpture With 12 Diyas | Oil Lamps

This is a vintage handcrafted sculpture of the beautiful goddess Meenakshi - HIndu female Diety and consort of Lord Shiva standing on a pedestal holding an oil lamp surrounded by 12 oil lamps / diyas at the base. 

Crafted in pure brass, the goddess is also known as the Deep Lakshmi.

Worshipped predominantly by people from the South of India, Goddess Meenakshi is also one of the few Hindu female deities to have a major temple devoted to her - the far famed Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

The oil and wick lamp in her hands, popularly known as a Diya, is lit and used while performing prayers, religious Hindu ceremonies or rituals. 

When the sun goes down at the end of the day, its the light of the 'Deep' or 'Diya' or earthen lamp that dispels the darkness associated with sadness, lifelessness, ignorance etc. Light or 'Prakash' is Lakshmi, who gives us the wealth of brightness.

This sculpture with the lamp when lit brings joy, celebration, 'Gyan' or Knowledge, life and wealth showing the way even in dismal, dull, and dark situations signifying the 'ray of light' that inspires us towards life, ideas, and progress.

Size: 32 cm Tall x 19 cm Dia with 12 oil lamps.

Weight: 2.65 kilograms

Care: After every prayer or lighting of the lamp is over, please remove the burnt oil and wick remains, wipe it with a dry cloth and it is ready for reuse.