Naalu Poriyal Pathirum - Vintage 2 In 1 Brass Serving Containers With Handle & Brass Spoon - L 28 cm x W 14 cm x Ht 18 cm

Naalu Poriyal Pathirum - Tamil for this traditional vintage set of 2 serving bowls joined together with one handle handcrafted in excellent quality brass, reminiscent of the times when families used to be served meals comprising of multiple dishes at the same time from these exquisite brass containers. 

This set of bowls / containers is accompanied by one brass 30 cm long spoon for service. 

Such serving dishes can still be found in most homes in the South of India or vegetarian restaurants serving Thaali meals for unlimited servings of items like sambhar, vegetables, rice and tayer sadam ( curd rice)  or raitha. 

A collectors item indeed with the name of the person who owned it in Dehli still clearly engraved on the handle.

Highly usable as it is in excellent condition. Has been polished (kalai)  and is safe to serve food. 


Length 28 cm x Width or dia of each bowl is 14 cm x Height 9 cm and 18 cm with the handle. 

Each bowl measures : Diameter 14 cm x depth of bowl 7 cm .

Brass spoon measures 30 cm in length. 

Weight: 1.350 kilograms