Nirvana Buddha In Abhaya Mudra Position Under the Bodi Tree - The Tree Of Life . Ht 20 cm x W 15 cm

At the age of 35, on a full moon night, Buddha attained enlightenment.

Abhaya Mudra - The Abhaya gesture shows the Buddha with the right hand raised, the palm facing outwards and the fingers upwards, while the left arm is next to the body. The Buddha can be depicted either in standing or seated position. The mudra is the gesture of fearlessness. It shows the stage of the Buddha’s life immediately after achieving enlightenment.

It is well known that Buddha also known as Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment under this  'Tree of knowledge.'.

Here, the Buddha sits poised in meditation under the tree handcrafted by artisans from Uttar Pradesh, India in brass with delicately crafted peacocks dancing amongst the branches of the Bodi tree. 

Size: Height 20 cm x width 15 cm 

Weight : 900 grams