Majestic Tibetan Brass Door Handle Handcrafted With An Exquisite Parrot - Dia 18 cm x Height 10 cm

Majestic brass door handle with a beautifully handcrafted tibetan motifs inspired by Buddhist monasteries and the graceful parrot enhancing the beauty of this door handle.

Hand casted from excellent quality brass, this exquisite door knocker with the parrot is an example of the exquisite craftsmanship by skilled artisans from Northern India.

The hand engraved brass round plate with buddhist motifs and temple design and the parrot measuring 12 cm in length is mounted on the round metal plate with a screw tightened behind the plate. 

This door handle is perfect for the main door of your house or any other door sure to enhance the door with its beauty and charm.

Can be easily installed with the help of nut and bolt or nailed through the openings inside the round brass place.

Measures: Diameter 18 cm x Height 10 cm . Length of the parrot is 12 cm 

Weight : 0.950 kilograms