Wooden Printing Block With Hand Engraved Floral Patterns & Motifs - L19 cm x W13 cm x H8 cm

A beautiful ornate hand carved wooden printing block, with a floral pattern and design hand crafted from a single block of wood.

Use it as a printing block or just as a home decor collectible. 

The block is crafted from gorgeous dark mango wood by artisans from Rajasthan in the North of India and the region of Kutch, Gujarat where the practice of block printing on fabric is still prevalent as per century old traditions with the use of natural colours and dyes.

To recreate this yourself - Simply wet a small sponge and squeeze some poster paint onto the sponge - mix the paint into the sponge to water it down. Then press the block into the sponge and onto your paper. 

For fabric, please use fabric colours and dyes and dip the entire block face down taking off the excess and press it on the fabric. 

Measures: Length 19 cm x Width 13 cm x Height 8 cm 

Weight: 550 grams