Pair of Framed Pictures Of Rajput Women With Gold Border & Wall Hooks - H 15 cm x W 10 cm

Rajput paintings and pictures evolved and flourished in the heart of Rajputana, India where each kingdom evolved a distinct style. 

This pair of beautiful colourful ethinic wall hangings with 4 small hooks each to hang small items like keys, scarves , jewellery depict in fine detail the day to day life of the the local rajput women including royalty. 

One frame shows a traditional woman dressed in all her finery . The second picture shows a rajput woman in the forest playing with deer. 

The wall hangings are framed with walnut finish wood with a golden mesh design hand cut brass sheet on the borders and laminated. 

Set of 2 each measuring;  Height 16 cm x Width 11 cm x 2 cm thickness 

Weight: 300 grams for 2 wall hangings. 

Note: Frames come with hooks for ease of hanging on nails.