Set of 2 Vintage Brass Oil Lamps From Odhisa - 9 cm Ht x 7 cm Diameter

These beautiful vintage rounded oil lamps or Diyas are handcrafted from excellent quality brass by skilled artisans using the the lost wax process practised by their forefathers centuries ago known as Dokhra Metal Art in the Southern Indian state of Odisha.

The oil lamp / diya is used to store oil that serves as a fuel to the wick. Each lamp has a small pointed nozzle which can be unscrewed for inserting the wick and a small rounded handle.

In Hindu culture, lighting of a lamp denotes dispelling away of the darkness. The lamp, in most Indian languages is called a “Jyoti” or Deepak or Diya and are lit during most celebrations, daily prayers and auspicious occasions. When we pray to the Gods and Goddesses by lighting a lamp, the belief is that we will be richly rewarded with tremendous prosperity.

Set of 2 brass lamps each measuring:

Height 9 cm x Diameter 7cm | Weight of 2 lamps: 400 grams

Usage: Fill at least half the lamp with oil and insert the wick . Once lit, each lamp will burn as long as there is oil in the holder or till wick lasts.