Pair Of Brass Cow Oil Lamps | Diyas In Gold Finish

This is an beautiful pair of Gold finish brass Oil diyas or lamps with engravings and is hand crafted with a cows head by artisans from northern India.

To Hindus, the cow represents all other creatures. Hindus believe that all living creatures are sacred—mammals, fishes, birds. The cow is more, a symbol of the Earth. It always gives and feeds, representing life and the support of life.

Measures: Length 12 cm x width 7 cm x height 6 cm 

Weight: 350 grams each x 2   

Price is for 2 diyas. 

Usage: Please fill mustard oil in the hollow and run a cotton wick through prior to lighting the wick which must be soaked in the oil. Alternatively use by lighting a tea light candle in the hollow portion.l