Pooja Sajja - Traditional Vintage Flower Basket Handcrafted In Brass. L 26 cm x W 21 cm x H 23 cm

This flower basket known as the “Poola Sajja” in the South of India has a brass handle and a charming unique shape with semi-circular side walls.

Hand made with brass metal sheet, the basket is skilfully crafted where the brass sheet-metal work is joined by hand pressing using the traditional lock forming technique.

Flowers, one of the most beautiful & colourful creations of nature make an essential part of the Hindu way of performing rituals and prayers known as “Pooja”. Hindu scriptures say that essentially any of the three things namely “Pushpam”, “Phalam”, and “Toyam” meaning flower, fruit, and water should be offered to God everyday.

 The bottom has four brass knobs riveted to the brass plate to serve as legs to the bowl. This basket is ideally used to hold flowers that are used for pooja in the house or at religious rituals. 2 small bowls are riveted to either side of the Handle for keeping Pasupu or Kumkum for prayers.

Measures: Length 26 cm x Width 21 cm x Height with handle 23 cm

The height of the brass walls of the basket measure 6 cm. 

Weight : 900 Grams