Traditional Brass Pooja Thaali With Nandi Bell, Ganesha - God Of wisdom - Diameter 25 cm

The Pooja thaali is one of the most essential items in the Hindu culture for performing rituals and prayers to the gods and goddesses with flowers, incense sticks, dhoop and kum kum. 

This round brass pooja thaali, etched with figures of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi and the sign of OM, has individual bowls for the incense sticks, the dhoop and the kum kum . 
The thaali also is accompanied with an exquisite brass bell with a Nandi and the idol of Lord Ganesh for worship. 

Hindu scriptures say that essentially any of the three things namely “Pushpam”, “Phalam”, and “Toyam” meaning flower, fruit, and water should be offered to God everyday.

The Thaali measure 25 cm in diameter.

The temple bell with Nandi measures 13 cm in height with a diameter of 5 cm.

Weight : 650 grams