Vintage Brass Aarti | Prayer Lamp With The Mythical Yali & Peacocks - L16 cm x H10 cm X Dia 7 cm

This is a brass vintage hand held oil and wick prayer lamp depicting the Mythical Yali seen in most south Indian temple sculptures - Half Lion. Half horse.

The beautiful peacock and the fine cutwork of the mythical yali on the base of the lamp is the work of skilled artisans from the south of India and is handcrafted from excellent quality brass.  

The fine curves and the handle of the lamp with its delicate engravings and the dark brass finish highlights the beauty of this piece showing off its elegant, rich and smooth finish. 

A heritage lamp, handed down from one generation to the next is lit during daily prayers in most Hindu households and for all festivals and religious celebrations to dispel away the darkness and to bring in light, joy and prosperity in any home.

Simply divine and - A collectors item.

Size: Length 16 cm x Height 10 cm x Dia of the diya on top 7cm 

Weight: 500 Grams 

Care: Please do not use any chemicals or powders for cleaning. Just rub with a soft dry cloth to retain its vintage look.