The Divine Urli - Handcrafted In Brass With Hindu Deities Radha & Krishna. Dia 30 cm

This exquisite brass Urli is beautifully hand engraved with figures of Hindu Deities Radha and Krishna - God of love and compassion depicting the spiritual love between the divine Krishna and his devotee Radha, set amidst a floral theme.  

The Uruli at one time was a traditional cookware extensively used in South India and was commonly made of clay, copper and bronze. The name Uruli is derived from the Tamil word "Urulai" [உருளை] which means a round bowl and were used for cooking and in Ayurvedha to make medicines. 

Now brass Urulis are used as a decorative bowls to float flowers and candles especially at the entrance of your home as a daily ritual, during festivals and special occasions. 

Measures: Diameter 30 cm and 38 cm including the handles.  
Height 12 cm
Weight: 4.90 Kgs