Framed Hamsa Wooden Printing Block - Lucky Hand & Symbol of Good Luck. Ht 30 cm x W 24 cm

Craft so beautiful - We just had to frame it !

This hand crafted wooden printing block of the "Hamsa " is the Lucky hand and the symbol of good luck. Originating around a 1000 years ago in the Far East and to India, The Hand represents the protective Hand of God and hence is also known as the Hand of Mariam and is believed to provide positive energy, happiness, riches and health to anyone displaying it besides bringing the owner luck, love and protection from evil.

Skilfully hand crafted from soft yet hardy " Sheesham Wood " by Indian artisans following century old traditions of block making, an art learnt from their fore fathers and still used for printing on textiles , paper and other surfaces.

Dipped in vibrant coloured plant dyes, the artisans create the most beautiful prints from these intricately carved blocks in hundreds of designs and shapes which can be seen on most Indian fabric all over the world.

This Hamsa block has been mounted on rich ivory coloured raw silk inside a beautiful natural brown frame matching the colour of the block.

Measures: Frame: Height 30 cm x Width 24 cm
The wooden Hamsa measures: Length 13 cm x Wide 10 cm x Height 3 cm

Weight: 750 grams.