Heritage Brass Kerala Oil Lamp With A Peacock Chain. Length 60 cm x Dia 11 cm

From our Heritage collection - Rare Vintage Hanging Lamp with a beautifully crafted peacock on the chain used for decades to worship the Goddesses and claimed to be one from the several ancestral lamps of a family from Kerala in the Kannur region. 

Called a Thooku-Vilakku - "Hanging Lamp" in Malayalam with an amazing patina and a solid thick chain with a hand engraved peacock in full plumage , the lamp is handcrafted from bell metal with 7 diyas for lighting the lamp with oil and wicks and the bottom level for the dripping oil.

Handcrafted using the " Lost Wax" process of metal casting as per traditional century old practises by the skilled artisans.

Traditionally used to worship Goddess Bhagavati which means a Goddess in Sanskrit - a general way people refer to the Hindu goddesses in Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra states of India  can be used to refer any of the Hindu goddesses like Durga, Kannaki, Parvati, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali. 

A day was kept aside for the worship of the lamp in the busy festival calendar, on one no moon day in the month of Shravan. This reverence for the Lamp is based on the symbolism of the journey from darkness and ignorance to light and the knowledge of the ultimate reality – 'Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya!.

The lamp Measures:  

Length with chain 60 cm with diameter of 11 cm

Weight : 1.050 kilograms