Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Brass Metal Hand Crafted Buddhist Vajra & Bell - Length 29 cm

In Tibetan Buddhism, the Dorje symbol is inseparable with the bell. In Tantric Buddhism, the dorje represents a thunderbolt, and the bell represents a diamond.

In Sanskrit, Dorje is called 'Vajra.' Vajra means, 'thunderbolt' or 'diamond,' and the vajra is indestructible. The vajra is like a diamond, because it can destroy, but it cannot be destroyed. The vajra represents spiritual power.

In Hinduism, the vajra is the weapon of Indra (the god of rain, lightning, and the sky). The vajra symbol also destroys ignorance. The vajra is the symbol of Vajrayana Buddhism, one of the three major branches of Buddhism is is a magnificent vintage Tibetan buddhist Dorje bell and a symbolic weapon 

Measures 29 cm in length. The bell measures 6.5 cm with a dia of 6 cm 

Weighs 750 grams.