Vintage Handcrafted Peacock Oil Lamp | Thooku Vilakku From South India. Length 37 cm

From our Vintage collection - A rare traditional peacock brass oil Lamp with a chain crafted with a peacock hook beautifully engraved by skilled artisans from South India, handcrafted using the traditional century old method of wax casting.

Such ornate hanging lamps have been used for decades for worship and is claimed to be one from the several heritage lamps of an ancestral family of Kerala.

Called a Thooku-Vilakku - "Hanging oil Lamp", the lamp has an amazing rich vintage patina and hangs on a chain with a ornate peacock hook and a chain.

The peacock is filled with oil by removing the chain and the oil comes out of a small hole from the mouth of the belly falling into the oil container to ensure the lamp is always full of oil as the oil falls drop by drop when lit with a wick.

Always an integral part of the prayer room, the presence of these lamps was an important aspect of ritual worship offered to a deity and are known to be auspicious.

Measures :
Length 37 cm with chain. The chain measures 14.5 cm.
The bird is 26 cm in length.

Weight: 1050 Grams