Vintage Brass Lunch Tiffin Box With 3 Containers - Height 26 cm x Dia 11.5 cm

This is a vintage brass Tiffin or Dabba, handcrafted in a dark patina and an old fashioned latch having three round removable containers with lids in a vertical stand - traditionally meant for Indian Breads with rice, lentils and vegetables not forgetting the handwritten messages from a loved one at home.

The word “Dabbawala” in the Indian language when literally translated, means “one who carries a box”. “Dabba” means a box usually a cylindrical tin, brass or aluminium container.

Believe it or not, as per studies conducted, the dabbawalas of Mumbai have been delivering lunch tiffins such as these to working people since the last 125 years and are officially recognised for delivering a Six Sigma level of accuracy in their Dabba delivery ie which means only 1 mistake in 6 million deliveries.

Size: Height 26 cm x Diameter 11.5 cm

Each container is 6 cm high.

Weight : 1.30 Kilograms