Vintage 3 Compartment Brass Tiffin With 2 Spoons & Floral Engraving - 38 cm Tall

The word “Dabbawala” in the Indian language when literally translated, means “one who carries a box”. “Dabba” means a box (usually a cylindrical tin , brass or aluminium container). So, literally speaking, a Dabba contains Lunch.

The foremost is the love and concern of the housewives who make sure their loved ones at work get a healthy home cooked meal when away from home.

The dabbawalas of Bombay ( Mumbai ) have been delivering lunches to working people since the last 125 years in these Tiffins and are recognised worldwide as delivering a Six Sigma level of accuracy ie which means only 1 mistake in 6 million deliveries.

This Tiffin or Dabba made of brass is a vintage and has a rare design with floral engraving made on the lid of each compartment. This unique tiffin is kept compact and in place with the help of 2 long handled brass spoons which are inserted into the slots and screwed tight to close the box from either side.

The tiffin normally contains 3 compartments - 1 for the the Indian Bread and rice,  1 for lentils and the 3rd for the vegetable not forgetting handwritten messages found between the covers from a loved one at home. 

Truly a Collectors item!

Measures : Height 38 cm with the handle. 

Each bowl measures 16 cm dia with a base of 9 cm and depth of 10 cm.

Each spoon measures 29 cm . 

Weight : 2 Kilograms