Traditional Hanging Brass Oil Lamp "Thooku Vilakku" With Mythical Hamsa. Length 82 cm x Dia 12.5 cm

This is an exquisite vintage hanging oil Lamp or Thooku Vilakku with a thick link chain and a hand engraved Hamsa popularly known as the Anna Pakshi - An Indian mythical bird crafted atop the vilakku oil lamp .

Used for decades to worship the Goddesses primarily in the southern states of India, is also claimed to be one from the several ancestral lamps of a family from that region and is popularly known as Thooku-Vilakku or The "Hanging Lamp.

Always an integral part of Hindu culture and tradition, the presence of these lamps was an important aspect of ritual worship offered to a deity. This reverence for the Lamp is based on the symbolism of the journey from darkness and ignorance into light and the knowledge of the ultimate reality – 'Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya!.

Measures :

Height of lamp with the chain is 82 cm with a diamter of 12.5 cm.
Length of chain is 62 cm.
Weight : 2.20 Kilograms.