Brass Vintage Oil Pourer | Ghee Daani With A Spout From South Of India - H15cm x Dia12 cm X L16 cm

This cast bronze vessel having a flat round belly and a somewhat elongated neck, a dome-shaped lid with a crowning figure of a peacock and a spout, is meant for pouring ghee or oil over roti or rice during meals and is found in most house holds in South India.

The peculiarity of this pot is that the spout is not totally round like a pipe as usual, but more like an open channel. Open spouts of this type have an old history in western India. Several fragments of earthenware spouted vessels from Harappan sites such as Kot Diji collected from the excavations have revealed this particular spouted vessel type.

This brass pot is also used for pouring oil during prayers in the temple or at home by the priest or the head of the family into the fire that is lit to worship the Hindu Gods and Goddesses on special occasions and festivals.

In excellent condition with a smooth and rich dark patina finish , this vessel has been handcrafted by artisans from the South of India. 


Height 15 cm x Diameter 12 cm x Length 16 cm 

Weight: 800 grams