Traditional Gharchola Blue Yellow red And Green Silk Dupatta | Scarf From Rajasthan. Length 225 cm x Width 90 cm

This is an exquisite and vibrant Gharchola silk bandhej dupatta | Scarf in a myraid of vibrant colours of indigo blue, red , yellow and green with colourful tassels at the border to complete the look, handwoven by artisans from Rajasthan representing the rich heritage of this colourful state of India. 

The Duptatta with a crinkled look and feel is dyed in beautiful shades of blue, red, green and yellow with tassels printed using the Tie & Dye method of dyeing or Bandhini, following age old traditions of this region.

The fabric designed as per Bandhani style is first washed & bleached in order to be ready for dyeing. The cloth is then sent for tying where the craftswomen lift the small portion of cloth marked as points & tightly tie a thread around it.

The tightly tied thread does not let that part of cloth get colored. The tied cloth is dipped in color and where several colors are required, then the areas to be retained in the first dye are tied for resist & cloth is dipped in dye. This tie and dye process is also known in India as " Bandhani"which means to tie.

Ideal for any occassion, festival and wedding related functions or simply when in the mood for feeling alive and vibrant.

Size: Length 225 cm x Width 90 cm

Weight: 350 grams

Washing Instructions: Dry Clean Only.