Traditional Lost Wax Brass Kohl | Vermilion Holder With 2 Peacocks From South India - L 24 cm x H 12 cm x W 6 cm

From our Heritage Collection - This exquisite traditional large Brass Kohl | Vermilion Holder is crafted with 2 beautiful peacocks which also serve as a locking device for the holder, displaying 2 compartments for storing the precious Kohl and Vermillion or make up when used by royalty.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans from the South of India using the Lost Wax method of metal casting , such ornate containers / holders were used by Royalty for storing colourful herbal powders such as makeup, Kohl, Sindhoor ( Sindhoor is The red "vermilion" worn by married Indian women between the parting of their hair just above the forehead ).

The item is beautifully crafted in solid brass with 2 exquisitely carved peacocks in fine detail with a smooth finish displaying the skill of the artisans of that century and their tradition of handcrafting such exclusive items in brass. 

The holder has a a lid which when slid open sideways, displays the 2 compartments and another compartment on top which opens when lifted to keep vermillion or kohl as desired.

A great conversation starter, this Heritage piece is a "Collectors item".


Length: 34 cm when fully open and 24 cm when closed.
Height 12 cm x 6 cm wide
Weight: 600 gms

Care : To maintain the antique finish of this item, please rub or clean using a dry cloth. Do not use bleach or any cleaning liquids or powders.