Traditional "Anna Pakshi Vilakku" - Heritage Brass Oil Lamp From Tamil Nadu. Height 38 cm x Dia 20 cm

From our Heritage collection - This is a rare Vintage oil and wick Anna Pakshi measuring 38 cm tall used for decades to worship the Goddesses and claimed to be one from the ancestral lamps of a family from Tamil Nadu, South India. 

The Anna pakshi or Hamsa is a mystical bird which has a body and beak of a swan whilst its beautiful plumage resembles a peacockand is believed to reside in heaven. The Anna pakshi is depicted as holding a flowering vine in its beak and as per indian mythology, if a mixture of water and milk is offered to the bird, it is able to seperate milk from water symbolising choice of Truth over falsehood. 

This vintage lamp has an amazing finish and is handcrafted from bell metal with 7 grooves for lighting the lamp with oil and wicks and the bottom level meant for the dripping oil.

Always an integral part of the prayer room, the presence of these lamps was an important aspect of ritual worship offered to a deity and its reverence based on the symbolism of the journey from darkness and ignorance to light and the knowledge of the ultimate reality – 'Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya!.

The lamp Measures:  

Height 38 cm. The diameter measures 20 cm at the lower level and 18 cm on the one above with the grooves. 

The Anna pakshi measures 11 cm x 11 cm. 

Weight : 3.900 kilograms