Vintage Brass Mid Century Design Jewellery Box With Rich Brown Patina. Ht 20 cm x Dia 23.5 cm

This is an exquisite dome shaped ornamental jewellery box inspired by the Mughal period architecture with a sense of design, handcrafted in brass sheet displaying the intricate workmanship of the skilled artisans from south of India.

The box has a round shape with a dome shaped cover with a latch and chains for opening and closing the box. Such boxes were used by royalty to store precious jewellery and trinkets under lock and key.

A collectors item indeed!
Height with handles 20 cm and 14 cm without the handles.

Diameter of the box : Outer diameter is 23.5 and 21 cm inside. 

Weight: 1.70 kilograms

Care: Please use a soft dry cloth to wipe the box clean  or use wax polish to keep it with a shine. Avoid any use of chemicals.